Scrapebox Proxies Integration [Guide 2024]

Scrapebox is the software developed back in 2009 only for the windows operating system, and it’s called Swiss Army knife for SEO with just one time fee for lifetime and support included it can perform many operations in a super fast and resource-saving manner. Some of the tool’s key features are a Search engine harvester, comment posts, Links harvester, and Proxy harvester. It’s crucial to use the anonymous private proxies, specially to use for harvesting purposes; then posting, you will find out the reasoning for it later in the article about Scrapebox proxies.

It can be enhanced with built-in features modifications, or you can install free and premium addons officially provided by them within the software itself.

Screenshot of the Scrapebox in 2024:

Scrapebox screenshot

How to integrate Private Proxies on ScrapeBox

It supports HTTP/HTTPS protocols and Socks protocols in the Scrapebox proxies settings. There are two types of proxies available: one is free public proxies, and the second is paid private proxies, so it’s up to your budget.

However, We highly recommend paid HTTP/HTTPS private proxies in the Scrapebox for many reasons.

Detailed Explanation of importing:

1: Go to “Import proxy file” in the formats below either of them, and then by default, it sets them as HTTP/HTTPS proxies for changing the protocol for the proxies. You can click the “Modify” option to make them socks or non-socks.



import proxy file

2:: Let’s test the imported proxies to make sure those are working before start using them. Go to “Manage” options, one more thing you can import proxies from a file or clipboard or append a list also from here too.

Now, Click “Test proxies > All Proxies”

testing proxies

You will see the results like this if good. Else it will show error codes with red colors:

Passed proxy

Common errors:

407 authorization

502 server error

Request time out means it’s not responding

3: At this stage, we have found the Good ips now save all to scrapebox proxy list by clicking “Save Proxies“> “Save All Proxies to Scrapebox” this will copy only the Passed list.

Finally, Click “Use proxies” checkbox otherwise, it will not use proxies in the tasks.

Use proxies

Optimal Proxy Settings for Best Operation of ScrapeBox

We do recommend the different settings for the proxy usage in the harvester or poster in the Scrapebox depending on the operation you will be performing.

Jump into Settings Connections, Timeout and Other Settings option.

Here you will see the first option for connections is the number of threads per option it shows.

To save the proxies blockade by websites and search engines too often, here are the options you need to tweak based on the number of semi-dedicated or Dedicated private proxies.

These are the critical ones:

In fact, Let’s assume you have 50 Private Proxies, so that, settings would be as follow:

50 x 2 = 100 connections for Keyword Scraper

50 x 1 = 50 for index checker and harvester

Connections settings
Example of connections settings in the Scrapebox with the number of proxies taken from above

Timeouts Configuration in the Scrapebox

This is when the scrapebox will wait until time out the request it will make.

Timeout should be around 60 for Keyword scraper, Index check, Email Grabber, Harvester, and Poster.

For the rest of the settings, leave it as it is.

Timeouts settings

More Harvester Configuration in the Scrapebox

In this, you can do more settings related explicitly to the harvester and make it like this you see in the screenshot down.

Scrapebox_More harvester settings

Detailed Harvester In the Scrapebox

This feature will allow you to set the delay in each request you will be making and we recommend you to set around 120 Seconds delay and for other engines, 60 to 80 seconds are good enough.

This is an example of a Google engine and if you want other engines to set limits, as i said above, then check the engines you want to harvest.

detailed harvester
How to choose the detailed harvester in the program
Delay In Google harvester
Example Google engine in the detailed harvester

Why It’s Better to Use Paid Private Proxies vs. Free Proxies?

 Private ProxiesFree Public Proxies
Secure and Anonymous proxies it’s best for your security because your original IP will not be revealed.No security at all mostly are transprent proxies and anonymity is not gurannted.
No bandwidth limits and constant connection speedNo security at all. Most are transparent proxies, and anonymity is not guaranteed.
The reliability of the proxies is top notch as the vendor backs it.No reliability because no one back the support for them to get them working.
You can manage any social media, Personal, banking, etc. accounts because paid proxies are secured and work for months to years without any issues.100% risk to use on social media, banking, and much more cases as it can be blocked.


This guide hopefully helped you for integration of the proxies into the Scrapebox with the proper advanced tweaks and settings for harvesting and posting. If you have any problem let us know and looking for a shared proxies or dedicated proxies you can consider our offering here.

Our team is available daily for help you can reach us via drop an email or live support here .

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