Integrate Proxies with AdsPower & Advanced Guide 2022

Most companies like Google, Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Nike, etc., use advanced browser fingerprinting and bot detection systems to maintain their infrastructure load and secure their websites.

There are many anti-detect browsers available out now. This guide will guide you on how to use the proxy for AdsPower stealth browser management platform.

What is AdsPower?

Adspower is software that provides extensive features for multi-login browsers for the windows and mac operating systems. Here are the key elements of the application.

– Most advanced multi-browser profiles with the latest browser fingerprinting settings that you can customize to a very detailed level.

– Advanced proxies support all major protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS with a built-in checker.

– Many browser profile settings per your desired platform you want to use.

There are many more features in this software. Check out their official website.

How to install AdsPower and Setup

AdsPower is a paid software, but they offer three day free trial so that you can check it out.

First, You have to make theĀ registration then download the Adspower desktop software fromĀ here.

Lastly, Install Setup on your PC, run the program, and enter login credentials to get inside the AdsPower.

AdsPower 2022 Screenshot

How to Configure Proxies With Adspower

1: Let’s, Setup the new profile for the browser first by clicking the “New Profile” Button on the left.


2: Now, Enter your desired name for the profile and select the group you want it to associate with it. We have already defined the “Proxy-Hub Guide” in this example see


3: UserAgent selection comes next. Select the operating system from the options of windows, mac, Linux , Android, and IOS. Selection is optional for many OS, or you can select any one. It’s up to you.

We select Windows, and you can click the “Change” link to rotate the user agents.


Proxy Management

4: However, Select the “custom” option from here and select the proxy type. In this example, I use the HTTP protocol.


4.1: What I like about this proxy manager is that copying and just pasting the list will automatically populate all fields.

We are using the HTTP/HTTPS Dedicated Private proxy in this example that comes with a user and password-based authorization.

Dedicated IP:

PORT: 7777

Username: Proxy-Hub

Password: Proxies

Furthermore, You can do a proxies authorization by IP as well.

IMAGE OF Adding-Proxy-Server

4.2: Click “Check Proxy.” It will show you the status of the proxy with GEO location details.


Information Manager

5: Lastly, There is an option to select your desired platform like PayPal, Gmail, Facebook, etc. you want to use the profile so that you can choose them from the drop-down list.

Afterward, This will check your proxy with those platform sites.


Either, Specify your custom web URL by clicking the “Open a Specified Url” link.

5.1: You can add your cookies as well for the specific platform.


Lastly, We save the profile by pressing the “OK” button, But there are many more advanced options you can set as well by going to “Advanced” and following the article down for it.

How to Configure Advanced Options in AdsPower

Moreover, It is the most advanced option and is recommended to use by Pro users only because this can make your profile detectable and reveal your original identity.

The list of options are following:

Timezone: Always enable this option to match your proxy timezone

WebRTC: It use to track your identity by default and is disabled, but you can use the “Replace” option where this needs to be enabled.

Location: Let it set to “Ask” with enabled geolocation match with your IP option.

Language: Make sure it’s enabled to match your proxy server.

Screen Resolution: Default is fine

Font: System Default is fine

Canvas, WebGL, AudioContext, Media Device, ClientRects, SpeechVoices: Set “Noise” Options to all these functions because it will create new profile settings.

Web GL Metadata: Add your own or use the default

Hardware concurrency: Using default or set own does not matter.

Device memory: Using default or set own does not matter.

Device name: Choose Custom and change it

MAC Address: Select Custom and change it

Do Not Track: Set Default is better

Flash: Close it

Port scan protection: Enable to detect of the open ports of your network or Close it’s the better thing   

Kernel version: Let it be Auto-Match

Advanced Options Settings in AdsPower Example

How to Select the Best Proxy for AdsPower?

There are three major types of proxy servers HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks, along with some types of proxy plans available out there, like private proxies from data centers, residential proxies, and residential mobile proxies.

Data Center Proxies are the best for managing your precious social media accounts, Bank accounts, Amazon, etc., due to reliability and security. We provide two types of data center proxies: Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated. It offers unlimited bandwidth.

Residential proxies are usually from broadband ISP from across the world. However, They often rotate and have a sticky session as well for some period of hours. Its cost is high due to the bandwidth-based usage charge per GB.

Residential mobile proxies are from the mobile ISP, which often changes the IP are suitable for some use cases, and its limit availability of IPs are not idle for many tasks.


Managing many profiles for the browser is suitable for bulk accounts management without compromising identity and privacy. Assistance is available for free for AdsPower proxies integration by contacting us and live support.

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