Incogniton Proxy Integration Guide with Video 2022

Incogniton is a software tool that allows users to manage various online identities while remaining anonymous and private. The Incogniton profiles differ from one another in the way that each anonymous browser is set. Incogniton supplies each and every profile with an fully supported infrastructure. The only thing you need to outsource is your email.

How to integrate Proxy-Hub proxies with Incogniton?

Here is the Video Tutorial:

Follow these simple steps

1: Register for free and download the Incgonition version according to your operating system.

2: After installation start the program and login using your account credentials.

3: Go to Profile Management option at the left side:

4: Click New profile button at the top right corner in the program.

5: Add the profile name and group if you want to assign to any specific one and choose the fingerprint for OS for your browser with the version of the browser.

6: Go to > Proxy option at left corner then select the proxy type to : HTTP / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 it’s up to your provider, However, We provide both types HTTP/SOCKS5

7: Add all details of the proxies and click check and then it will show the some info like this:

8: Final step click “Create Profile” at right side and then start your profile.


Incogniton is an uncomplicated and highly effectual way to create a versatile online presence that is private. Make sure you explore Incogniton’s knowledge base for additional guidance about indepth guide for usage. In case you have any more inquiries in regard to the Integration with Incogniton or our services, please reach out to us.

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