Best GSA SER Proxy Configuration [Guide 2024]

Off page, SEO is one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Optimizing your websites for the search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu can increase your website’s SERP rankings and organic traffic. There are several ways to optimize your website for search engines, but off-page optimization is one of the most effective. How to setup GSA SER with proxies? It is tutorial with step by step details with professional recommendations to get the maximum results with GSA SER.

What is a GSA SER?

GSA SER is a windows based SEO software developed by a German company GSA GmbH, It’s a one-time payment paid software with lifetime updates, and they are pretty active in releasing new updates all the time. It’s worth every penny because it provides many links building options within it.

It has an option to craft your project according to your requirements for the links you want to build with tons of small settings you can adjust. Also, It provides integration with many services that fully automate GSA link-building operations. Its services include proxies integration, SERP tracking, Email accounts, Article writing software, and much more.

GSA 2022
GSA Serach Engine Ranker in 2024 Interface

How to Configure GSA SER Proxy

1: First, You have to Go to the “Options” button icon.

GSA Options

2: Here, you will see a window open. Right after that, click the “use proxies” checkbox, which shows you the “Configure” button.

Use-Proxies-And-Configure gsa

3: This will open the “Proxy List” window. However, it supports many ways to import the proxy server into it. When you click the “Add Proxy” button, it will display a list of many options.

Add Proxy server

Following these methods, you can import your proxy server into GSA proxy settings.

1: Add a Single proxy with the type you select Web, connect, Socks 4, and Socks5.

2: Import the proxies from the file.

3: Import proxies from the clipboard.

Both of those import methods support two formats listed below.



4: Parse using a URL.

5: Find online + test those are usually free web proxies around the Web. (Not recommended to use them)

4: In this example, We are using import proxy from the clipboard in the format: Host:Port:login:Password

And using our private proxies from the USA in this example.

After the import, it will prompt you for a test, and we recommend you to do the test.

Test Proxy

The test will show Passed as a green color and red for not working.

Green Passed test

5: Finally, It’s done now. You can use the proxies, But we recommend you follow the guidelines for the settings to use with GSA Ser down in this article.

Mistakes in Settings Using GSA Link Building

GSA SER for Link building is a powerful tool, But if you don’t set the settings according to your task, you end up burning your ISP IP or proxy. So, We have compiled our data and experience to recommend some settings for the GSA that you can follow.

1: Threads= Number of parallel tasks it will run in the software.

Threads x number of active Proxies you have = Total Threads to Set

2: HTML Timeout set to 80 seconds is good enough.

3: Search Engines options:

3.1: Use Private Proxies for it.

3.2: Ticket the checkbox which says “Custom time to wait between search queries” and set the value to “150” seconds at least.

4: For Submission, you must use “Private.”

5: PR checking, Verification, and email checking recommend using your IP.

6: Tick the “Stop project on no active proxies” box and save it.

GSA SER Recommended Configuration
This the Example with Above recommendation and you can according to your number of proxies

That’s all the settings we suggest, and you can tweak these depending on the number of proxies you bought from us or some one else. Lastly, results for the settings on the number of other factors like proxy quality, workload, etc.

Wrapping Up

 In short, GSA SER is the perfect tool to increase traffic to your website from search engines. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while setting up a GSA SER proxy for link building. So that, You can achieve desired results. If you need any assistance in integration with GSA SER Proxies then reach us email usor contact live support.

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