Use Proxy with Parsehub Explained

Web scraping is a pretty complex task if you are new to this it will be a lot of hassle. There are plenty of web data scraping tools available in the market for free and paid. To get started into this significant field of data extraction you can start off with the free Parsehub option and this supports our Private Proxies as well and I’ll explain further how to use proxy in Parsehub.

What is Parsehub?

It is the no-code type software that can automate your websites data scraping tasks in a easy to use self explanatory tool.

Download and Install Parsehub in Windows/Mac Or Linux

Download their software according to your operating system you are using from here:

How to use Proxy with Parsehub

1: Signup to their free or paid plan.

2: After login click “New Project” option.

new project parsehub

3: Add the url you want to scrape in this project after that click “Start project on this URL“.

Add url in Parserhub project

4: Now you will see the web url opened at the right side and in the left side area you will see enable “Browse” mode radio button click it.

Switch to browse mode in Parsehub

5: After that click 3 bars you will see at the right-hand side and go to “Options“.

Options in parsehub

6: Then you will see the “Advanced” option click it then “Network” and finally go to “Settings” option.

network settings in parsehub

7: Now you will see the networking settings options like a Firefox browser if you used it. There you can set the Http/Https proxies and Socks as well see both examples down below.

Tip: We advice you to authorize your proxies based on your IP so it will not ask you for username and password every time you use and for this you refer to our this Ip based authorization guide.

Example of Http/Https Proxies

These are the proxies which transfers data over TCP http/https.

http/https proxy in parsehub

Example of Socks Proxies

Socks 5 transfer the data over UDP protocol.

socks5 proxy in parsehub

Finally, click “Okay” button and you are done.

Now Parsehub will be using your defined public or private proxies with the requests it will send to the web urls you will scrape data from.


Parsehub is good data collection tool for the small to medium scale scraping for the individuals and small companies. To reach the full potential of scraping without getting blocks it’s recommended to use our private proxies , Because it’s fully compatible with any scale of scraping.

For any query related to Parsehub proxy integration or our proxies you can drop an email or reach live support team.

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