How to Use Proxies in Apify

Data can be scraped in various ways, but you must manage complicated things like Captcha, honeypot blocks etc. However, there are different no-code-like data crawler platforms avaialble out there like Apify.

It allows you to fetch the data from the web using the actors you will create with the proxies integrated for the work.

What is Apify ?

Apify is the marketplace for web automation. It already has pre-built web crawlers for all major sites like Google, Amazon, eBay etc.

However, It has free and paid options, so that, It’s up to your requirement.

Choose the crawler you want, then set your settings and let it run in the cloud of Apify, and it will provide you with the data in the formats you wish to like JSON and CSV.

How to Configure Proxy in the Apify Actors

Integrating any proxy server into the data scraper of the Apify modules is easy.

First, You have to go to Store > Then look up your desired scraping module. In this example, I am choosing YouTube Scraper, and it’s free.

1: Go to Store > Select the Youtube Scraper.


2: Right after, You have to go to “Input” options in that module.


3: Go to the “Proxy and Browser configuration” option. Hereafter, Select the “Custom proxies” option.

Proxy URLs

Add your proxy in this field in this format:


HostName: Your Proxy server IP

PORT: It’s the PORT for the server. In this example, our proxy port is 7777

USERNAME: Your proxy server authorization username

Password: For the Proxy server

Enter one or multiple proxy servers inside this text area, one per line

However, You can lookup for more detailed official documentation about it.


Lastly, Click “Save” the module settings, and you can “Start” this task after it.

This is a result of our task results


It’s over now, and You can check the task status on the final page.


In conclusion, Apify is an excellent platform with actors to run your data scraping tasks in the cloud system and use private proxies to get the maximum successful results in your work. Feel free to contact our team at or Live support of the team.

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