Setup Gologin with Proxies Step by Step Guide

Online privacy is the main concern in the era of web trackers placed by companies to track the users so they can target the ads and do other things.

However, every web browser has a browser fingerprint which can be traced to find out the users on the web.

Gologin is a program where you can manage multiple profile of the browser with unque finger prints. Here in this tutorial, i will walk you through the integration of the proxies with the gologin.

Download and Install Gologin for Proxies Setup

Go to their official website to download the software according to your operating system, Windows, Mac, Linux or cloud launch. as well.

After the installation, you must sign up for an account with 7-day Free trial to test it out.

Integration of Proxies with Gologin

1: After login in to your account, you will see the application interface click “New profile” or “Create Profile” options.

Create a new Profile

2: Right after that, Add your desired profile name and go to the “Proxy” tab inside.

2.1: Select the Connection type according to your proxy. Here we are going to use HTTP type.

2.2: Add your Proxy server and port.

2.3: Enter your username and password, but we have use Ip authorization so that no username and password is require.

3: Now, finally, Click “Check proxy” it will check and show you the country of that IP and click on the “Create Profile“.

Setup Proxy in Gologin

4: Click the “Run” option to start your created browser profile.

Run the profile

Frequently Asked Questions about Gologin

What type of proxies Gologin support?

It supports http,socks 4 ,socks 5 and tor network by default, On top of it you can use free proxies as well built into it.

What is anti-detect?

This will create the browser profile with the unique fingerprints that you will allow you to make a unique identity on the web so the security system of the websites will not be able to track or detect you as a bot.

What is a browser fingerprint?

A browser fingerprint is a way to identify a web browser uniquely. It can be use to track a user’s online activity, and it can also be use to identify a user’s computer. A browser fingerprint is made up of a number of different pieces of information, include the user’s IP address, the user agent string, and the browser’s cookies.

How to get new browser fingerprint?

There is an option inside each profile you create inside Gologin to generate a new browser fingerprint.

Golgoin alternative?

It is not the only stealth browser out there. You can find many competitors like incogniton, kameleo etc.


In conclusion, Gologin is design by them specially for web scraping, Data collection, and manage multi accounts over the web. It fits for this purpose totally if you are into serious work this should be one of your choices.

We can provide you assistance for the proxy setup in the Gologin, and if you are looking for the proxy solution, Check out the proxy offers here and contact us via email or live support chat.

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